Art and design with endemic mushrooms in amazing colors

Art and design with endemic mushrooms in amazing colors

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Jill Bliss, a teacher from the United States, abandoned the stress of big cities to dedicate herself to developing the art of floristry, but in a very particular way: using mushrooms. And not just any type of mushroom, he was passionate about those that grow in the Salish Sea Islands of Canada for their exotic colors and textures.

He developed his own brandNature Medleys, His creations combine, in addition to the endemic plants and fungi of Candá, photography and decoration reflecting the beauty of the biodiversity of a specific region of the planet.

The fervor of the colors promote returning to nature, recovering the fragments that have been lost of our uniqueness with the universe and wanting to integrate them into our day-to-day life. We share some of the work done by Bliss:


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