An orca learned to say "hello" and "goodbye"

An orca learned to say

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It is news all over the world, an orca copies the sound of human speech for the first time. This is how the Royal Society of London (RSL) has conformed it, it is an orca trained in a marine park in France that reproduces words like"Hi there" Y "goodbye", in the English language, becoming the first of its kind to copy human speech.


The killer whale named Wikie, learned to"talk" copying his trainer and is able to reproduce terms such as the woman's name "Amy" and count "one two Three".

Mammals like whales, dolphins, and belugas are among the few animals that can learn to reproduce a new sound just by hearing it. They copy sounds from other species, while some birds are capable of mimicking human speech.

This finding was considered"Very rare in mammals" by the expert from the University of St Andrews (Scotland) Josep Call, one of the researchers of the study collected in the RSL.

“The vocal anatomy of orcas, in general that of cetaceans, is totally different from that of humans”, noted the researcher.

Orca Wikie

The scientists decided to study whether the killer whale could learn new words by imitation and, for this, they focused their experiments on a female specimen from the Marineland Aquarium, in Antibes, France.

"The killer whale that we studied in captivity was able to learn vocalizations from other killer whales and also human words by imitation"Call stressed.

"This result suggests that this is also a plausible explanation for how orcas learn the vocalization of other orcas and how they develop their dialects."

For his part, Jose Abramson, from the Complutense University of Madrid - another of the researchers in that study - did not rule out that one day it will be possible to maintain "Conversations" with Wikie. The possibility falls within the"conceivable" and remembered that "It has been done before with parrots and dolphins using American sign language, with phrases such as 'bring me that object' or 'put that object on top or under the other'".

Abramson explained thatthe orca's ability to mimic does not imply that the animal understands what it is saying.

This 16-year-old whale with its demonstration is the first species of mammal that can imitate the sound of words:

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